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Following the successful launch of POM faucets and valves, ONSPA brand is going to introduce to the market new product lines including Lavabo faucets, kitchen faucets, multi function faucets which all made of pure material POM.

Each of faucet is eye catching designed with four choices. Those who like outstanding design can choose the faucet with orange, white and blue handle, or those who look for luxury can choose Chrome faucet.



The new product line follow the four main principle which is “reasonable price”, “excellent durability”, “healthy” and “outstanding functions”:

  • On-off the faucets quickly and easily. The handle is made of quality ABS plastic. To make it on- off, just move it to the right making a 900 angle and vice versa. Unlike other faucets, multi-twisting is required to make water out.



If you accidently move it over 900, you just turn faucet handle to the right position again and you could keep using without broken or leaking. Maximum handle turning is 6N*m and cycle time is 100,000 which make the product durable.




  • The inner core is made of POM, SUS304 and especially the sealing is made of ceramic which 100% avoid water leak.



  • The body of the faucets is made of POM plastic which is strong and durable.



To make the product more attractive, Lavabo and kitchen faucets are designed with white foundation which is also made of POM plastic. The foundation helps to connect the faucet and mounting position of sink securely and avoid problem that mounting hole of sink is much bigger than outer diameter of faucet threading itself.



O-ring and black washer are both made from EPDM materials.



Particularly, the multi function faucet is designed to have one more connector to the θ16 pipe and can be connected with the washing machine, other threading specification is ½”(21).



There are two kinds of new kitchen faucets. Basing on the size of faucets, you can choose suitable faucets. The two have the same structure: The threading is θ21, especially the boiler is made of SUS304.



Relying on that boiler, rays of water come out more strongly and steadily compared to others, while filtering impurities in water then providing stable and clearer water for washing vegetable and dishes.



The different feature between the two kinds that is elbow of big size faucet is longer than small size one. The elbow is made of quality ABS also, be strong and without broken.




The new products are suitable to be used in different environments and also made for better healthy life.

It is worth to mention that all ONSPA POM faucets do not have “LEAD POISONING” problem. Most of the brass faucet in market is made by brass however with “excessive lead poisoning” which has been confirmed it will harm to our health for long term, especially for drinking water directly from faucet. ONSPA POM faucets do not use any material that could possibly harm your health also a cheaper way to avoid “LEAD POISONING”.



We believe that the new products line will satisfy customers – who have, are and will use our ONSPA POM faucet so far or for “reasonable price”, “excellent durability”, “healthy” and “outstanding functions” in the future.