YES, YES, YES!!  We are in Laos, Vientiane.

Cannot believe that and we are proud of ourselves that we could been so many place and know so many people in different countries in there year.

Maybe the country “Laos”, is our last stop in South-East Asia that we haven't been to.

Very quiet, peaceful, natural place and full of energy!!

With many good friends that used to work and take care together, we are no worry anymore.

We are so excited to explore a new territory already!!



In the country Laos with total population no more than 7 million and population density 27/km2. We feel calm and peaceful, cannot hear too much noise. Maybe the economic movement might not faster than other countries in South East Asia. But surely, we could find some clue regarding on booming future growth.


We believe that we still have many product advantage even face on exist opponent from Thailand or China. Although the advantage cannot be quantified at moment. At least, we got here first, brought new stuff, new products and our unique entrepreneurial spirit “work with passion”.

We truly believe that with our advantage product and spirit, we will find our own way here, Laos.


Sure! We will come again soon!


Frank Tsai