Hellooooo Cambodia! We are so glad to see you all in Cambuild’17 again.  It is our fourth great experience as always. We would like to say thank you to our customers and friends for your great helps. We will never success without you guys. You guys are the best ever!!

This year we brought 3 new product lines to introduce to everyone.

360° twisting  hose– POM faucet – Smart Float valve

- 360°twisting  hose -


It is pretty new design for everyone as compare with traditional type of sanitary hose. With new feature 360° easy turnable design, now sanitary hose could twist easily, lighter your wrist when making different angle turning spray, and of course, prevent kinky hose. 

We think we could help to generate some spark with your sanitary life and make it easier. With international standard connection now you can replace any shower head or bidet sprayer with this hose freely. Please do need to worry about replacement, it could be fitted in at least all county from South East Asia.


- POM faucets line -



Lavabo faucets - Kitchen faucets - Multi function faucets.

Faucet body is made by material POM which make faucet body stronger than other type of plastic faucet. Ceramic sealing could achieve 500,000 times switching test and no leaking. Good choice for your budget concern.


- Smart float valve -



The last is smart float valve. Body come with small size and with many features: For example:

A. Small size which could full up more water capacity
B. Long term durability because conduct with non-physical water sealing.
C. FULL amount water output.
D. Could go with light acid and alkali
E. Go with Heavy duty environment, like turbid water.
F. Multi-way to conduct, water tank, toilet tank or solar heat water system……

G.  Your budget concern ^^

Please check Video for more information.


We hope those product lines will provide more comforts for your life.

Wishing you all have a successful year. See you next time!

Shin Tung Vietnam