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POM Multi Function Faucet (Chrome)
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Handle: ABS
Body: POM
Sealing system: Ceramic, POM , SUS304
O-ring: EPDM


Handle Turning: MAX 6 N*m
Wall thickness: ≥ 2mm
Threading: G1/2"
Connection: G1/2"(outter threading)
Front Pipe Dia: G1/2" and Ø16mm extension pipe
Cycle: 100,000
Temp. Resist: 0°C ≤ TEMP.(°C) ≤ 60°C
Pressure Resist.: ≤ 5 kg/cm²

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Special Feature:
- Quick opening 
- Durable sealing system
- Ceramic sealing
- Strong body POM
- Multi Function
- Could connect with hose Wash Machine
- With Chrome color